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about naomi lennon

Since the inception of YouTube's Partner Program in 2009, Naomi Lennon has managed the careers of some of YouTube's biggest celebrities including RCLBeauty101 (#1 most viewed female channel worldwide), Alphacat, Racka Racka and Tiktok star Nathan Piland.

Lennon Management was a forerunner and in turn benefits of having risen through the industry which started as 50 creators attending the first annual VidCon to an industry of mass media. With a track record of securing large brand deals for talent with Ford, Unilever, Covergirl and AT&T to name a few, Lennon has negotiated and overseen 100's of campaigns across over 80 channels, her firm has consulted internationally to brands and companies including Ali Express, Nqyer Media Hamburg, Universal Music and Mills Entertainment. Along with a strong understanding of influencer marketing, Lennon Executive Produced New Form Digital and Tony Valenzuela's series "The Fourth Door" staring Monique Coleman, Joey Graceffa and Reid Miller and is developing projects with Snapchat and Dichotomy. The firm has expanded in 2019 to include influencer product lines and investing in talent business ventures. 

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